Install and Run RailMaster and eLink with Optimal Settings
BR Blue Class 31183 at Rowntrees Fawdon

Welcome to my RailMaster/eLink Help Pages

Within these pages you will find the best chance to get Hornby’s RailMaster software running on your PC or laptop via Windows 10 or earlier versions of Windows although settings locations will differ. Help with anti-virus/malware/spyware/trojan related software is also given as some users have difficulty operating RailMaster with these programs and their firewalls.

Users of other, non-Windows, operating systems should seek specific help from other sources.

Keep it Fresh

The site will be freshened up on a regular basis and will support those who are facing diffculty with RailMaster and associated issues. Ideas for articles or solutions are very welcome so do please let me know and due consideration for site inclusion will be given for each. A fixed post with a link back to this site can be found on the RailMaster sub-forum, entitled RailMaster Help Site and details of updates to this site will be detailed there.

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Visit the Hornby Forum

Become a member and discuss RailMaster, eLink, Elite and all things Hornby.

PC to PC transfer

How to transfer RailMaster from one PC or laptop to another.

Update Elite with Windows 10

Updating the Elite with Windows 10 to v1.43 or v1.44.

Networking eLink and RailMaster

How to network RailMaster on a Windows Tablet and any PC / Laptop.

Ethernet Cables

Types of Ethernet cables for network usage.

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Fixed IP Explained

How to set up fixed IP addresses on your router and PC / Laptop.

What is an IP Address

How IP’s work. Useful for networking RailMaster.

What is Binary

Learn Binary and how to program your CV’s using it.

More Ampage to the Layout

What power supply can I use to run eLink instead of the original 1amp supply.

Learn to Solder

Soldering tips for the railway modeller.

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Windows 10 Privacy Settings

If you are bothered about privacy in Windows 10 then this may be for you.

Windows 10 Application Settings

Stopping Windows 10 Applications auto running on boot.

Watch Hornby eLink and RailMaster on youTube

Official Hornby RailMaster Youtube video.
Turn your speakers on.

Hornby RailMaster Website

Official Hornby RailMaster Website.

eLink and RailMaster Combo Pack

Wanting to purchase the eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack? Check this page.

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