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One of our primary areas of web design and systems maintenance is based around the community sector and charitable organisations where finances are restricted due to the very nature of the organisation we build for. We have several years experience working in the voluntary sector and have first hand knowledge of just how important it is to raise funds for the groups involved in these areas and how equally important it is to spend that money wisely...


...Therefore we have special rates for groups or charities wishing to have a bespoke website built where oncosts are to be kept at an absolute minimum and prices can be negotiable.

Community based websites are important not just to the site owner but also its visitors. While content should be current and correct it is equally vital that standards are met.

These purport to web standards policies for those visitors who have difficulty reading the content normally, maybe through a sight impairment for example. It is our aim that these standards should always be met and should not add to costs of the web site build. They include text reader compatibilty and text resizing capabilties as well as good coding practice.


Allerdene Community Centre


Benfield Bowling Club

Hadrian’s Wall

The WinG and Benfield sites are written using WordPress while the others are scratch built using PHP, CSS and MySQL.