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PC Repair
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PC’s are just like any other form of electrical item and can be temperamental just when you can ill afford it. Several components inside your PC tower can be a culprit for lost hours of work or production and diagnosing the fault is not always easy for the user. That’s where we come in...

Faults can be traced to a motherboard, graphics or video card, hard drives, processor and / or fan or even overheating which can be very serious if left unattended.

Although other issues can arise these are some of the more common ones. We have an excellent reputation for repairs at low cost and giving our clients a first class service.

Laptop Repair

Broken screens, damaged case, faulty hard drives, missing keyboard keys or broken chargers... we can fix or replace any part of a laptop no matter the make or model. Of course, some older models will be harder to find replacement components for but we have excellent sources and in most cases can usually find what we are looking for.

Some of the most common faults...

  • Damaged or faulty screen
  • Missing keys from your keyboard
  • Overheating... if the laptop feels hot on top then it is in need of a service
  • Slow or poor performance
  • Non booting hard drive... critical... needs urgent attention
  • Dead or non charging battery... we can replace those

Upgrades can include hardware or software and the latter can apply to your office suites or programs and, of course, to the Operating System of your PC or laptop. We can offer these services at extremely competitive prices and will always offer sound, purposeful advice so you can make the best decision for your business or home computers.

Upgrades can include...

  • Hard drive for extra data storage
  • Graphics card for better video performance
  • Memory for faster application performance
  • Processor for better system performance
  • Monitor for better or larger display area
  • Router for faster data transfer or better web services and security